Holly Smith’s Team

“Behind any successful rider is an army of people who make it all possible. I am so grateful to every one of my team who help me to achieve my goals and dreams.” Holly Smith

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Kate Dodd

Kate is a huge part of my team and is my head travelling groom. She ensures all of my horses are in peak condition to perform at their best. She organises everything from the basics on the yard to the complicated logistics of travelling horses around the world.

Nicole Lockhead-Anderson

Nicole is my main stable jockey who keeps all of the horses well prepared for me whilst I am away competing. Her natural ability is well beyond her years with many wins, including Team Gold at the Pony European Championships in 2018.

Knowing she’s at home producing the young horses whilst I’m away is a crucial part of keeping my system operating successfully.

Daniel Videla

Daniel is originally from Argentina, a true horseman and a huge asset to my team. He has a wealth of experience backing the youngsters and his relaxed, kind approach gives them the essential foundation for their future success.

Wendy Parker

Wendy keeps all of my accounts in order which is fundamental for me to ensure that I can concentrate on the riding side of the business.

Dan Halliday

Dan works part time and helps with all aspects on the yard.