Have you ever dreamt of having a share in a competition horse, ridden by Holly Smith, one of the world’s best show jumpers?

We have recently launched the ‘Holly Smith Show Jumping Members Club’ where you can join the club for an annual fee and be part of ‘Team Smith’.

Club members will be invited to a private Facebook group where they will have access to interactive media, live videos, group chats and monthly Q&A with Holly – keeping you up to date every step of the way…

So, if you have ever dreamt of being involved with a competition horse, ridden by one of the world’s best show jumpers, now is your opportunity. There are limited membership shares available to this exclusive club, so please get in touch if you would like to join the team.

If you would like to buy an annual membership share of a horse with top class potential, but without the huge monthly costs, this is a fantastic affordable way to enjoy part of the fun.

Running a competition horse can be an expensive pursuit, with high livery costs, competition fees and registrations, vet bills and numerous other associated costs.

With the new ‘HSSJ Syndicate Team’ you can share all of these expenses with a group of like-minded ‘Team Members’ for a small annual fee, with no hidden extras during the term of the membership

It’s a great way to be part of ‘Team Smith’ and enjoy all the benefits without the vast expense.

The benefits for ‘HSSJ Syndicate Team Members’

  • Invitation only to Holly Smith’s private ‘HSSJ Team Members’ social media club.
  • Access to private training and competition videos.
  • Annual yard open day to meet the equine stars of ‘Team Smith’ and watch Holly showcase some of her best horses.
  • Opportunities to meet Holly and watch her compete and train the ‘HSSJ Team Horse’ at national venues in the UK (following all government guidelines).
  • Monthly ‘live chats’ with Holly to ask her any questions about the ‘HSSJ Team Horse’ or any questions you may have about your own horses.
  • Product discounts from some of Holly’s main sponsors.
  • Raffles to win various products and lessons with Holly at her base in Leicestershire.
  • Signed picture of Holly and the ‘HSSJ Team Horse’.
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded ‘horse lovers’ and become part of a hugely successful ‘Team’.
  • Discounted clothing with ‘HSSJ Team Member’ branding.

How it works

When you have paid for a year’s subscription you will be contacted by Kate and given access to a private Facebook group, where training/competition videos and photos will be posted, and live chats hosted.

Just complete the form opposite to pay with PayPal.

    Member signup

    You are paying for a 12 month subscription at £120

    Members Club Horses

    We are offering two horses to the HSSJ Members Club, HHS JD and Cevann.

    HHS JD


    For more information, please contact Holly Smith’s manager, Kate Walls: